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Good to know


NEW: earpads for the GW100 model are now available. You will find them in the Shop under the black based models, but I can make them in any other color or color combination. You can let me know by contacting me, the email address is at the top right of the page.

While I based my design on the Grado L-cushion, my earpads will fit all the on/over ear Grado models.

I have had quite a few inquiries regarding making earpads based on G-cushion. I even bought a pair of G-cushions to see what they are about. One major stumbling block is the cost of a such model, just to play with it - I already have enough headphones and a few coming for other reasons. If anyone has some G-cushion based Grado they don't use, something that doesn't cost too much, please let me know.


As far as I was able to gather information, while the length is the same, about 28 cm = 11 inch, Grado has 4 widths of headbands:

  • 3.5 cm = 1.4 in

  • 4 cm = 1.6 in

  • It appears that Grado models from SR225 and under are narrower than 3.5cm = 1.4in. I have not had access to any of these models to check for myself. One reviewer ( said that the 3.5 cm = 1.4 in headband fits these models with some minor modifications to the original headband. And a client said that it fits his SR80 with no modifications.

  • 5 cm = 2 in. As far as I know, it is only the PS2000e model with such a width headband.

The usual headband I make, and sometimes have in stock, covers widths between 3.5-4 cm. If yours is different, please contact me.

Manufacturing, Shipment, Import taxes, Returns

  • In general the products will be manufactured as ordered. We estimate that the products will leave NZ in a about a week, and I will email you when that happens.

  • At the checkout, there is a choice of shipment services: DHL Express or Universal Postal Union ( 

DHL offers some associated services: 

  1. Reschedule the delivery at another date up to seven (7) calendar days from the original delivery date

  2. Collect the parcel from a nearby DHL Service Point

  3. Provide an alternative delivery address

I am not aware of any restrictions as to where in the world they can be shipped. If in doubt, ask and I'll check.

  • You are responsible for paying any fees when these products enter your country. Some names I heard of are: customs fees, duties, taxes, handling fees. These depend on the regulations of each country and I can't possibly advise you on it. If you think they may be a concern, please check with your Customs. Usually they have that info on their website.

  • The products, in good condition, can be returned after 30 days for a full refund. The buyer will pay the cost of returning to New Zealand.

Color naming

Most colors can be found on Wikipedia.

The colors you see will depend on the color calibration of your monitor or display.

Color availability

The available colors are displayed on the Shop page. Some of the products will be displayed fully made, for some there will only be the colors.

Due to the limited quantities of leather or merino I can have in stock and to the fact that what I'll buy new may differ, even slightly, from the old stock, we might need to have a conversation until you settle on a color.

Also, bear the above in mind when only order one of the components (the earpads or the headband) and leave the other for later. 

Color combinations

Both the earpads and the headbands are made of two parts: one is in contact with the skin and the other is, shall we say, on the outside.

If interested, feel free and imagine any color combination from the colors on the Shop page and let me know. This applies to leather. 

Leather, a natural material, may have various kinds of imperfections. I'll take out what I think should not be in the final product such as: holes, rough patches, significant color variations, large creases. But do not be surprised to find things like: slight color variations even on the same piece, small creases, etc. Many consider these as part of the character of the material.

Meaning of "Out of stock"

As of this writing, when I ran out of stock of something, I managed to source new pieces, and so, I believe, there is always hope. I decided to use "Out of stock" instead of removing a color because I like color, it is one of the things I am trying to promote, and I want to give everyone a good idea of what was and may still be available. 

Secure buying

The checkout will be handled by the website builder's secure commerce page: Squarespace.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Merino: let it soak in warm water with a little mild (wool) detergent, for a few minutes. Rinse a few times, squeeze but do not twist to get some water out and let it dry in the shade.

Leather can be cleaned and maintained with specialized leather products.

Hybrid products will be a lot more difficult to clean: leather is not recommended to get wet as the oils contained in it will be affected leading to drying and hardening of the leather. If you believe that cleaning will be a regular occurrence, I recomend full merino products.


The logo is inspired by Cymatics, sound visualized:



You can contact me via the link at the bottom of every page, except Shop.

This is a small business and a first for me, and so I would like to take the opportunity to learn how to do better by hearing from you, the clients. Please feel free and suggest anything, offer feedback on my products, whatever you think I should know.