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Put the headphone cable on your back!

For some reason, many of my clothes have zippers. And, annoyingly, even though I didn’t realize that I was annoyed for years (!), the cable, especially the thick and heavy one Grado uses, would rub on the zippers causing all sorts of noise, would catch in the zippers, well… just annoying.

If the same happens to you, I have a solution: put the cable on your back!

As for quite a lot of my listening time I am sitting in front of the computer, I can now type without the cable hanging in front of me and rubbing on my zippers.

Increase the swivel angle

The original Grado plastic ring extends way below the pin around which the earcup swivels, restricting the angle. Check the top of the photos, the distance from that ring to the rim the earpads gets installed on. 

You can chop the plastic ring, just under the pin. I can't remember what exactly I used, but the plastic is relatively soft, it doesn't look like it is brittle.

Don't come too close to the pin, if you're not confident. And don't blame me if you do break something!