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for Grado headphones

NOTE: Does anyone have a G-cushion based model you don't want anymore? Something reasonably priced? If so, can you please email me using the link on top of the page? Thanks


Updated on 2nd of May 2018:

From today, a new type of foam will be included with any earpads: reticulated foam, also known as filter foam. The main characteristic of this type of foam is that the pores are large. I tested 2 types and the one I chose has 25 PPI (Pores Per Inch). It is also, to me, as soft as it needs to be for comfort. With this reticulated foam I can not perceive any reduction to the "Grado sparkle", while the sound maintains some of the added fullness brought by the use of the extra layers of merino or perforated leather.

Current owners of Beautiful Audio earpads: I am working on sending you all, for free, this new foam. I'll keep you informed.

Our earpads are open, meaning that the user can change the inner padding to their desired level of softness.

Every pair of earpads will be delivered with two sets of foam inners:

  1. Reticulated foam (25 Pores Per Inch), for a sound closest to the original. Personally I can not perceive any difference in the high frequencies from the L cushions. 
  2. Open-cell foam, for a warmer balance of sound,

I still have a few sets of the very soft memory foam (closed-cell), for the most comfort and the warmest sound. On request, I can supply these instead of the option 2. The feedback I had recommends them for when wearing eyeglasses.

Our headband wraps around the original Grado headband and it closes securely at both ends with magnets.

It offers plenty of comfort due to the 12mm very soft memory foam insert.

Durability & Luxury

The Grado foam cushions disintegrate in time. Sweat and other factors seem to speed up the process. The headphones will still go strong - you just need to keep buying cushions, and, if you have a problem with the comfort, continue putting up with it.

Using as traditional materials and methods as they can be, we tried to create the most durable earpads and headbands that can be.

Our products are fully made in New Zealand from leather and merino, the most luxurious and skin friendly natural materials.

  • Leather is known to last a very long time with very minimal care.
  • Merino is the finest available non-scratchy wool and one of the most hard wearing natural fibers. It is exceptionally breathable, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic and soft. It is used for baby blankets, underwear, outdoor garments, even shoes.


Most likely you are interested in what others have said. Please check the Reviews.


If you own or are thinking of purchasing a pair of Grado headphones, our products are a worthy investment, which will allow you to enjoy your headphones for many years to come.

2 x Earpads.....US$ 115

1 x Headband.....US$ 60

Set (2 x Earpads & 1 x Headband).....US$ 175

[Shipping: DHL Express will add US$ 25, Universal Postal Union will add $35]

Try them! 

You will have a month to try them out and ask any questions. Full refund on return will be provided, but you'll have to pay for the shipment back to New Zealand.

Other projects

While I started this business with Grado headphones in mind, I do have other favorites as well. And as it turned out, they too could do with some upgrades.

  • One of them is the Sony MDR-SA5000, one of the fastest, most detailed headphones ever made. The top of the range in Sony's offer a few years ago, it is now old enough to show its weak spot, and - you've guessed it - it is the earpads. 
  • Another one is the Panasonic RP-HD10, which can be had for about US$ 180. If there ever was an outstanding value-for-money piece of audio equipment, this is it.  But, again, the earpads are heavily compromised.

And so I make leather earpads for both these headphones. Check the Other Projects!